The largest education exhibition that is fully focused on Malaysian higher education will be held on 1st and 2nd September 2018 at Prof. F.R.Jayasuriya Auditorium, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka. 

The exhibition is organized by International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd (ISES), in association with Winning Magnitude Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Over the last 12 years ISES has organized the Malaysian Education Exhibition biannually. This event is endorsed by the Sri Lanka Malaysia Business Council (SLMBC) and The Malaysian High Commission in Sri Lanka.

This exhibition has proved to be a very popular education fair among students seeking study opportunities overseas. All the reputed Malaysian private education providers participate in this exhibition. Students visiting the exhibition have the opportunity to meet representatives from these highly reputed institutes under one roof. Information on a wide range of courses can be accessed with ease. Over the last 19 years ISES have helped thousands of students to make suitable career choices and select study destinations. 

At Sri Lanka Malaysia Business Council annual business award ceremony, ISES has won awards on consecutive years under the professional services category. ISES works very closely with leading schools and education institutes in Sri Lanka. ISES is a pioneer in promoting and popularizing Malaysian education among Sri Lankan students wishing to pursue higher studies overseas. A dedicated division, the Malaysian Education Centre @ International Scholar has been established within ISES to help students wishing to study in Malaysia with information and advice on various aspects of studying overseas. 

The Malaysian Center has built strong relationships with Universities and other reputed higher education institutes in Malaysia. Malaysian Center has established a partnership with Winning Magnitude Malaysia an education promoter in Malaysia to provide in country value addition to students in Malaysia. With this arrangement students who have used the services of the Malaysian Education Center will be assisted by Winning Magnitude if a necessity arises for any help or assistance.

Malaysia as a study destination is very popular among students due to a variety of factors. The cost of studying in Malaysia is very affordable compared to traditional education providers in the West and Australia. Number of prestigious universities has established campuses in Malaysia. Many students can get a degree or even a PhD from universities in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or USA, for fraction of the cost otherwise incurred. The quality of the education in Malaysia is second to none.

Students and their parents will able to meet and interact with the international representatives from the top Malaysian institutes and universities who are participating in the event free of charge. Also the students have the opportunity to win one of over one hundred scholarships offered by participating institutes. These scholarships are available to high achieving students. Universities who have obtained Sri Lanka Medical Council approval for their MBBS degrees will also participate for the exhibition. This will be a rare opportunity for students to get accurate information, choose suitable university, institute, scholarships and other benefits.

Malaysian Education Center hopes to offer 100 scholarships for the students who have shown excellent performance. Do not miss this valuable opportunity.

For more information call Malaysian Education Center on 011 2593571/ 2553466 or email on

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​Rohana Wijeweera's wife files petition after 28 years.... saying he is missing!


 ​Rohana Wijeweera's wife files petition after 28 years.... saying he is missing!

Rohana Wijeweera's wife files petition after 28 years ...

saying he is missing!

Wife of pioneer and leader of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Mr. Rohana Wijewera, Mrs. Chitrangani Wijeweera has filed a writ of habeus corpus with appeal courts today (29) requesting him to be summoned to courts without delay saying that he had disappeared for so many years and that no information has been received about him either.

The writ has been forwarded through attorney-at-law Mr. Senaka Titus and 11 respondents have been
named including K.A. Wijedasa, a former secretary of the president, former army commander Hamilton Wanasinghe, major general Janaka Perera and captain Gamini Hettiarachchi. There are newspaper records to say that he was shot dead together with Upatissa Gamanayaka keeping them lined up on the rail-track adjoining golf grounds behind Borella kanatta on 13th dawn in 1989. Though there were rumours later on that Wijeweera and Gamanayaka were heavily battered prior to being killed and that their limbs would be broken and that they would be thrown into the crematorium while still alive and be burned there, there is no genuine evidence that anything of that nature has actually taken place.

The media announcement released by the army commander at that time Hamilton Wanasinghe is as follows: "The army has taken steps to conduct search operations in many areas including Ulapane based on secret information received on activities of the rebels concerned. A batch of army personnel who carried out operations in Ulapane area in the evening of November 12th 1989 they came across a person who could be suspected as Rohana Wijeweera. This person has admitted that he was Rohana Wijeweera when questioned about his identity and further admitted that the others in the house were his wife and children. Since there was suspicion that Rohana Wijeweera had connections with disruptive activities against the lawful regime in the country and other antagonistic and other intimidating activities, he was thus taken into custody for further investigations. The decision of the chief of the army personnel who arrested him was to take him to a place where he would be afforded the highest possible protection.

That very night Rohana Wijeweera was brought to Colombo at 10 o'clock. Subsequent to further interrogation Wijeweera volunteered to come forward to address the young generation of the country asking them to give up their aggressive activities. This talk in fact was captured on video. Thereafter Wijeweera consented to allow the police and the army to escort him to the main operations and press centre belonging to the JVP and Deshapremi Janatha Vyaparaya. This was a place located in Colombo district. Wijeweera who spoke to member of the political board of the JVP, H.B. Herath then instructed him to hand over

The following day, that is, at dawn of the 13th, Wijeweera was able to show war activities and media centre of the JVP and Deshapremi Janatha Vyaparaya to the army.  Wijeweera who on that occasion spoke to a member of the political board of the JVP, S.B. Herath and instructed him to hand over everything at the headquarters. Herath who handed over some documents to the army, pretending to search for other documents, immediately pulled out a weapon and shot towards Rohana Wijeweera.At that point the army also fired back. During this crossfire, Wijeweera and Herath who were in the midst of the shooting were subjected to injuries and died on the spot. Subsequently the army who took action according to emergency laws cremated the two dead bodies". 

​Wedding between minister Lakshman Seneviratne's son and senior administrative officer Bradman's daughter


​Wedding between minister Lakshman Seneviratne's son and senior administrative officer Bradman's daughter

The wedding ​of minister Lakshman Seneviratne's son Dhanushka and senior administrative officer Bradman's daughter Avanthi's wedding took place in the presence of a large number of politicians recently at Cinnamon Grand hotel.

Dhanushka is in service as an administrative officer while Avanthi is an attorney-at-law. The
president as well as prime minister Ranil graced the occasion with his wife, which was something special.

Kosgoda Tharaka enjoys warm welcome at prison ... on orders of Madush!


 Kosgoda Tharaka enjoys warm welcome at prison ... on orders of Madush!

Kosgoda Tharaka enjoys warm welcome at prison 

... on orders of Madush!

Underground leader Kosgoda Tharaka who was taken into custody in connection with the exchange of gunfire which ensued in Matara town recently with a police constable being killed in the process when taken to Angunukolapelessa prison, a warm welcome was awaiting him afforded by the inmates of the prison, it is reported. This function was
arranged on orders of underground foremost leader known as 'godfather' in the underground world, it is reported.

When Kosgoda Tharakawas brought to prison, inmates there carried the underground leader on their shoulders, it is understood. It is also reported that Madush has conveyed orders to his henchmen asking them to look after his safety and to see that all his necessities are attended to. However, prison sources denied this incident.

Whatever it is, newspaper reports have been published in this connection. On a query posed to a spokesman in this respect, he had said that steps are being taken to scrutinise cctv cameras at the prison concerned. 

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