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​Attorney-at-Law Sugandhika comes to court ... dressed in frock!

​Attorney-at-Law Sugandhika comes to court ... dressed in frock!​Attorney-at-Law Sugandhika comes to court ...

dressed in frock!

An incident is reported where attorney-at-law Mrs. Sugandhika Fernando who was subjected to much sensation during the recent past coming to Marawila court to appear for a case, dressed in a frock over which the lawyer's robe was worn. As a consequence the magistrate had
warned her.

In this instance even the Marawila Lawyers' Association too has disapproved the act of Mrs. Fernando presenting herself at Marawila magistrate court for a court hearing. They had in fact reported this about their disapproval against the attire of this attorney-at-law, through a letter. What Mr. Lalitha Sarathchandra, president of Marawila Lawyers' Association said was that attorney-at-law Mrs. Sugandhika has come several days dressed in a pyjama-type frock and thereby had comported herself by causing disrepute to court.

After courts were made aware of this, additional magistrate, Mr. Keminda Perera has made a statement about her attire. He has informed, "under the 7th clause pertaining to the code of conduct of the judiciary, as an attorney-at-law, she as not come to courts dressed in a suitable manner". Attorney-at-law Mrs. Sugandhika Fernando has accepted her guilt in that connection and bowed down to court and without appearing for other legal cases yesterday had left the courtroom, the lawyers' association had reported.

Whatever it is, when the media queried her about it, though Mrs. Sugandhika Fernando accepted her guilt about the story of going to court dressed in a frock, she has responded saying that there are provisions for it by law and that not appearing for other cases yesterday or that the magistrate warned her was false. She has added that what the magistrate said in that instance was that if she wishes she could make her comments on this and that his court cannot take decisions on this matter.   

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