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"It's not clear whether I married or not"

 "It's not clear whether I married or not"

"It's not clear whether I married or not"

Teleactress Maheshi Madusanka who publicised engagement photographs across the media sometime back has now commented about it to a Sunday newspaper.

* "Weren't there many rumours sometime back about Maheshi's
  People about this field are spoken about because they are popular. But there are some friends of mine who are not in that field. They enjoy a great big wedding and upload photos three hundred and sixty five days of the year in facebook. But the husband is overseas and they keep going here and there with boy friends. But I don't want to be like that. For that reason I don't like to publicise photos with my husband or boy friend. It s because, inserting photos in Instagrams, in the facebook means the marriage going on the rocks for sure. So far it has not happened.

Some day whenever I marry or if I do marry, I will not upload his or those photos. The more I keep to my self ... the family will be intact and the respect too will remain ... because it's not necessary to publish big photos on the front page of newspapers and get divorced the following day as such.

* Are you married now, Maheshi? Or else when is the wedding?
   It is not necessary to talk about it. I am alright. Nothing hashappened to cry as such. My main interest is the family. I love them more than my life". 

Yuganthi Yashodara (Meewitha)

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