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Seventy five lakhs to build toilets at Rosy's official residence

 Seventy five lakhs to build toilets at Rosy's official residence

Fiftyty seven lakhs to build toilets at Rosy's official residence

Municipal council member Sumith Passeperuma revealed information at the municipal council meeting held yesterday that a sum of Rs. fifty seven lakhs has been allocated for renovation of toilets of the official residence of new mayoress of Coombo, Mrs. Rosy Senanayaka which has posed a problem.

When considering problems of public toilets of Colombo, he complained that this type of action for
personal luxurious use is not something not suitable. Mayoress Mrs. Rosy Senanayaka who responded to this allegation said that because the mayor's official residence has been out of use for a period of 4 years its toilet system has broken down and for that reason steps were taken to renovate them and that to erect pubic toilets anew, action has been taken to build new toilets on the contribution of the private sector.

In the process ideas had sprung up criticising the mayoress from the committees and it was mentioned that an opportunity where even an Mp is not in a position to meet the mayoress and that a form of dictatorial atmosphere prevails within the municipality and that Mps have been advised to inform in advance by chit of such a necessity. The mayoress who responded to that allegation too said that such action was taken by contemplating about consequences which could crop up when 119 Mps were to come to meet her at one and the same time. She also added that she has to attend to solving issues of public in the city, development affairs and has to participate in discussions quite often with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank as well to solve institutional issues.

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